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2019 Awards Terms & Conditions

The Theme & Variations Foundation has been formed to encourage and support exceptional young Australian pianists in need of financial assistance to realise their highest potential.

1. Awards

The 2019 awards may include a grant of up to $10,000 which may go towards:

  • tuition fees with a recognised tertiary institution;
  • travel and/or accommodation costs to attend an event which will further their development as a performance pianist, such as, but not limited to, piano competitions, performance opportunities or master classes.

2. Scholarship information

The Theme & Variations Foundation Scholarship Fund is applied for the sole purpose of providing money for eligible scholarships, bursaries and awards for Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.

Theme and Variations Foundation Scholarships:

  • are awarded on merit or for reasons of equity;
  • promote the recipient’seducation in relation to approved courses in either or both of the following:
    • Australian pre-school, primary, secondary or tertiary educational institutions;
    • educational institutions overseas, by way of study of a component of an Australian course; and
  • promote excellence in piano studies and performance.

The awards are currently made annually.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Applicants must:

  • have Australian citizenship or be a permanent resident of Australia;
  • be enrolled in an approved course of musical study with a recognised Australian or overseas secondary or tertiary institution. Evidence of ongoing exceptional achievement will be required. Within the terms of our deed this is a prescribed clause set by the ATO and ACNC for funds with DGR1 status;
  • be under the age of 25 years at close of entry date, 4 October 2019. Proof of age will be a requirement;
  • go through a formal application and audition process as prescribed by the foundation’s board and artistic assessment panel;
  • have their applications signed by a parent or legal guardian if they are under the age of 18;
  • be actively pursuing a career as a solo professional or collaborative pianist;
  • give permission to the Theme & Variations Foundation to use their name and photographic likeness in all forms of media for advertising, trade and any other lawful purposes.

3.2 An application form and subsequent documents together with a solo piano performance (not with an orchestra or other musicians) YouTube link(s), must be lodged by the close of entries date. There are no exceptions to this rule.

3.3 Shortlisted applicants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses incurred in attending their audition at the Theme & Variations showroom.

3.4 Eligibility and short listing are based entirely on material submitted by the applicant by the close of entries date. No additional material will be accepted after this date. Please note that insufficient or incomplete applications may not be eligible. The foundation board reserves the right to refuse applications which are not considered eligible for entry.

3.5 In making this application each applicant must read and understand the terms and conditions of the Theme & Variations Foundation Awards and agree to be bound by them.

3.6 Recipients of previous Theme & Variations Foundation awards may not reapply for a period of four years after their award was granted.

4. Close of entries

4.1 The closing date for applications is Friday 4 October 2019 at 5pm AEST. All application documents must be received by this time. Where documents have been omitted or are late, candidates may be disqualified.

4.2 Completed application forms and associated documents must be submitted online, together with a fifteen to twenty minute YouTube link(s), showing the applicant playing a solo performance of his or her choice (not with an orchestra or other musicians), demonstrating his or her abilities with different composers and styles.

5. Submissions checklist

For a valid entry, applicants are required to submit the following, by the close of entries date:

5.1 An application form completed online.

5.2 A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or passport signed by a JP, accountant, doctor or solicitor as a true and valid copy.

5.3 A brief letter of recommendation from the applicant’s current or past music teacher, plus a character reference from a person outside the applicant’s family.

5.4 A fifteen to twenty minute YouTube link(s), showing the applicant playing a solo performance of his or her choice (not with an orchestra or other musicians), demonstrating his or her abilities with different composers and styles.

5.5 Recipients of a Theme & Variations Foundation award will subsequently need to provide receipts and tax invoices to support evidence of how funds were spent in relation to the scholarship award.

6. Judges and judging process

6.1 Applications will be reviewed by an independent judging panel.

6.2 The decision of the board and artistic assessment panel shall be final and legally binding, and no correspondence will be entered into with regard to the judges’ decisions.

6.3 All information must be accurate and subject to verification. If at any time after the awards have been granted to any applicant, a majority of judges determines that the entry did not comply with the conditions of entry or eligibility, the award may be withdrawn and the pianist must repay the award money and associated costs to the foundation. In the event that this occurs, other entries submitted may be reconsidered for the award; otherwise no award will be conferred in respect of that year.

6.4 Whilst it is expected that these conditions will be strictly observed, the foundation reserves the right to waive compliance with or alter any conditions.

6.5 A shortlist of pianists will be invited to give a thirty minute recital on Sunday 2 November 2019 at the Theme & Variations Piano Services showroom, 451 Willoughby Road, Willoughby NSW 2068.

6.6 Finalists may be accompanied by one person only; there will be no audience at this event.

7. Publicity and promotion

7.1 By applying for this award, the applicant agrees that the foundation may use any material or image/s from any entries to further advertise, support and in other ways publicise the Theme & Variations Foundation Awards.

7.2 It is expected that the recipient/s of the award will be announced by the end of November 2019. As soon as practicable after the announcement, all applicants will receive notification to their email address.

8. Award enquiries

Award enquiries should be directed to: info@tandvfoundation.com.au

Personal information provided during the course of the application and interview process may be held by the Foundation and used in connection with the judging of the application.

As part of its privacy policy, the foundation ensures that all information pertaining to applicants  is held securely and in strict confidence.

Key Dates

Closing date for entries:
Friday 4th October 2019 5pm AEST

Announcement of finalists:
Friday 18th October 2019

Final Auditions:
Sunday 2nd November 2019

Announcement of winners:
November 2019