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Update on 2019 Awards

The Theme & Variations Foundation has been formed to encourage and support exceptional young Australian pianists in need of financial assistance to realise their highest potential.

The Theme & Variations Foundation has decided not to make its annual awards of financial assistance to young Australian pianists this year.

After reviewing their video performances, the Foundation’s  pre-selection committee determined that there were not enough suitable candidates of sufficient standard to send forward to our adjudicators for final consideration. It was therefore decided not to make any awards this year, but we will be running auditions again in 2020.

The Theme & Variations Foundation has given assistance to 13 highly talented young Australian pianists since its inception in 2012. It will continue to do so as long as there are enough suitable high standard applicants to present to our adjudication panel.

Applications for our 2020 awards will open in September 2020.